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Client Testimonials

Client satisfaction is our number one goal. What our clients are saying about their experience with our firm.

I was injured while working for the BNSF. I chose to have the firm of Rossi Vucinovich represent me in my claim against the BNSF. Mark Mitchell and the firm had our backs throughout the whole process. My attorney, Jim Vucinovich, was great as he kept us informed with everything that was happening and gave me guidance in what I needed to do.
Matt Falck

Jim and his staff treated us like family. They answered any questions we had and we're always keeping us up to date on everything happening. Jim was not only my attorney but became a good friend when I needed him. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family.
Josh N

James knows his opponent's well and will help you prepare your case to your best advantage. James is respected by his peers and has a keen understanding of law. No matter how hard the case James will do his best to get you fair compensation!

Jim and the entire team at Rossi Vucinovich were great and very helpful through the whole process start to finish. I received a very fair settlement from my employer. I could not have done this without Jim, very professional, thank you, Jim!!

Rossi Vucinovich did a great job representing my interests in Federal District Court Tacoma. Their thorough preparation, trial strategy, and superb courtroom skills resulted in a jury award of $1.25 Million – one of the largest whistleblower awards on record.
Mike Elliott

Railroad Whistleblower

Jim was my lawyer. I had very positive results in my case! And the team is great to work with as well! They kept me informed the whole time. Never wondering anything. I Highly recommend these professionals!
Mark Mitchell Jr

Mr. Vucinovich and his Team are awesome! We always felt that our personal care and health were most important during this long ordeal. Mr. Vucinovich's Team, which included in-house members as well as Industry Specialists were always available to explain complicated health or legal issues in simple terms. On multiple occasions, we experienced positive results.

As an experienced trial lawyer, Coby Cohen knows what to focus on during the pretrial stage of litigation. With trial preparation in mind, he also avoids getting bogged down on expensive and unproductive endeavors. He is always mindful of the value his work provides to his clients. And when the matter needs to be tried, Coby is a fearless and compelling court room advocate.
Thomas Breen

I have known Mr. Cohen for almost twenty years. Mr. Cohen is an excellent litigator and is highly ethical. His years of trial experience make him a great choice for any client looking for a skilled trial lawyer.
Michael Reiter